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"Celebrations of Praise!" 4'x5'

    There are significant experiences in everyone's life that deserve to be captured, and I am passionate about celebrating those important highlights and events through art. Painted beautifully- emotions, personalities and loving relationships shine through, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

    My specialties are interior wall murals, watercolor portraits and personalized collages that I call "Lifescapes". I offer a wide variety of styles and mixed-media for you to choose from.

    I can also custom mat and frame a painting or collage for you to treasure for yourself or to give as keepsake gifts to those you love. Weddings, special birthdays, vacations and life stories will be relived and enjoyed through these one-of-a-kind commissioned artworks. What a great way to commemorate your life events or those of your children or parents!

    It would be an honor and a pleasure to create artworks that celebrate the significant people and experiences that are so important to you.

Contact me today!    Call: 971-235-3316    [email protected]